Welcome to my Fitness blog, My name is Maxwell Lee. I am a 22 yr old, I have become obsessed with fitness in the years since I went under Lap-Band Bariatric weight loss surgery to avoid becoming diabetic at the time. I have lost 100 pounds since I was 19, and currently am learning how to loose the last 50 pounds by breaking my plateau stage at 230, I need to be 190 or 20% body fat. I am a Beach Body fan boy, and am currently obsessed with the Crossfit subculture.

November 4, 2013 at 4:33am
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Total abs workout. Do 15-25 reps with 15 seconds rest in between sets. Repeat 2-3 times on nonconsecutive days for 2 months to see great improvement. 

Get yourself in the best shape of your life with www.gymra.com . Start your free month now!!! Cancel anytime.

Watch video here: http://youtu.be/mRuB0rPB9Zs

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I will succeed at creating the body I want…I can and I will do this…

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Inspiralized -  How to make healthy and creative meals with the spiralizer…turns vegetables into noodles….VIDEO Recipe

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Lost a few followers?

Not to be surprised, this is an informative blog on my own pathway to fitness. I use it as a journal and treasure chest of info for myself, I tag religiously because I like to, and hope others, choose to be helpful on social sites like this.

I don’t update on this as much because I rarely log out of my personal blog,lol.(Who does?)

I always don’t have much to post if things are going well. I mean if I’m losing a few pounds every week, up my endurance or strength I usually wait until I’ve hit a goal or completely crashed from it before I post on it. If things are going badly I come here, message a few ppl to get tips or encouragement to keep trusting the process.

I’m a rookie at this, yeah I’ve lost a hundred pounds, but I also put 30 of that back on when I started learning weight training. I’m still teaching myself how to eat to have energy for my sessions without putting more bf on or just maintaining my current bf%.
If you think I’m talking with my head up my ass, then cough up some advice, don’t send me shitty anon messages. You’re not gunna make me regret getting the lap band, I got it to avoid getting diabetes because I couldn’t lose enough weight without having the procedure. Yeah I could’ve done a crash diet in clean eating, but I was nowhere near that mentality that I am at right now. I do want to get rid of this plastic donut inside of me, I’m 23 I shouldn’t have to miss enjoyable foods or beer at social events, but I let shit in my life tell me the only thing I could control is what I ate. And I ate to feel better, like many other fucks. But now I’ve chosen to control how I create my new body, I’ll craft it with passion instead of self hate.
Shouldn’t have to deal with this when I only had like 20 followers(12 now) some asasinine shit, probably from someone that’s sad they couldn’t get surgery for thier weight problems, sorry I have good insurance and 3 years worth of bday and holiday gifts from family rolled into one life saving favor from them.

I just finished the majority of the 4 Hour Body, I set up a hang out with an old friend who’s a health major to talk about it, and get his opinions on the diet plan. From what I told him about it he’s concerned where I’m getting my carbs for my workouts or my recovery since the diet has you eat proteins, legumes, and veggies besides any potatoes,rice or bread;Essentially excluding any grains and no fruits. I feel confident in the diet because it has worked the past 3 weeks. Its the first time I’ve read something and felt inspired by its humor, its supportive attitude, and the science that backs it up. The community formed around it has been very insightful as well.

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Insulin Sensitivity by Aaron Shumake Fitness

"Insulin sensitivity

Something not spoken of much unless diabetes is in the same paragraph.

What can it do for you?

First when explaining this I like to use an example of two genetically identical bodybuilder brothers. Their only difference is one has quite a higher insulin sensitive body. So they both train and eat the same meals together for 10 years straight. After 10 years the brother with the higher insulin sensitivity is much leaner and has more muscle mass though everything with their diet and training was exactly the same. The difference? Insulin Sensitivity.

Now insulin has many tiny but very important jobs. Today we are focusing on insulin sensitivity. Basically the higher your insulin sensitivity the faster and more efficient your body is at shuttling glucose into the muscle cells. Which leaves less glucose left over for fat cells. Insulin is extremely anabolic and required for muscle growth. It is also muscle sparing during times of dieting. The reason we eat a large portion of carbohydrates post workout is due partially to the reason that our bodies are very insulin sensitive at this point. Throwing huge amounts of glucose into the muscles after a workout! This is muscle growth 101. Anyone skipping out on post workout carbs is making a huge mistake especially those dieting.

Here are just a few things I like to do to increase insulin sensitivity throughout the day.

-Supplement omega 3’s
-Supplement cinnamon (very inexpensive)
-Lift extremely intense
-Glycogen depletion along with a re-feed day (detailed in video on my website)
-Constantly increase your workout intensity whether it be cardio or weights

Healthy individuals with a low amount of body fat usually have high insulin sensitivity. A good reason to LIVE SHREDDED? I think so!

Knowledge is power when applied -ASF”

October 15, 2013 at 6:49pm
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Update 1 of 2- Noticing my eating habits more and fixing them

Well my progress was reversed a bit, but I’m starting to see those layers of my bad eating habits. I take away one thing, and replace it with a different vice.

It’s funny because my father tried to teach me ways of not doing this or focusing on a healthier vice singularly while he was in A.A. and N.A., mine would be fitness, while his was pastries, coke, carbs and smokes instead of liquer, speed, and hookers.

As helpful as LapBand has been in avoiding the diabetes and putting me on the right path to health, I would always go back and get it;it was obesity prison and I have come close to finishing my sentence, currently I like to think I am doing community service for myself.

I want to put on a layer of muscle to replace the layer of fat I will take away this fall for next fall. So I can enjoy the cold in a different way.

As annoying the feeling is, and even more so defeatish, regaining what I lost in a month following the month i had just lost it sends me into a self aware depression that I can never become complacent with tiny victories in a war for my life. I must be vigilant and use my motivation to discipline myself.
Every fitness model or professional talks about being year round ready for competition, and I think I’m starting to understand why and how I can use that for my level of fitness. I can’t relax, I can feel proud of any victories, but until I start stacking up acheivements from actual hard persevering work, then I just can not stop.
I need to see myself from the inside out as well as the outside in.

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Had my hair cut and dyed so it could be as glorious as Sam Winchester’s hair

I’ll be cosplaying him for Animefest in Dallas, tx this weekend, along with a Carlos the Scientist(psst i’m just gunna grey my sides up a bit for him)

My lady messed up my chops though, they’re hella uneven.

Also Question, if I shave off my soul patch, will I be Soulless!Sam?

I look so skinny in these. These were taken a week before labor day weekend, after which for the month of september I gained back the weight I had lost previously in the month of august, ohh dieting you cruel whore, how you remind me of my lack of discipline and willpower when it comes to being off my meds. You encourage me not to stay on the diet or try one that logically wont work “just dont eat bread or cheese, but soda and cookies are okay again” instead of WHy not cut out those four things, I mean that gallon of detox tea really encouraged staying away from the cookies, or was it the comfort of pepporni and cheese….I’m so lost… Well my progress was reversed a bit, but I’m starting to see those layers of my bad eating habits. I take away one thing, and replace it with a different vice. It’s funny because my father tried to teach me ways of not doing this or focusing on a healthier vice singularly while he was in A.A. and N.A., mine would be fitness, while his was pastries, coke, carbs and smokes instead of liquer, speed, and hookers.

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Work Selfies

I think I look like crap here, let’s see what the internet has to say.
These pictures remind me that when it comes to 8am shifts I am a cracked out coffee addict.
But but detoxing for gym stuff means no caffeine unless its from green tea D’:

How do I cope?
Oh god I look like Trials!Sam LOL

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This is me at the gym. While I have a pretty good understanding of the equipment, I am still such a nerdy newb its embarassing….one of the reasons I don’t do very well when I work out by myself.

October 12, 2013 at 11:48pm
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Motivational workout video

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